The BEST way to prevent Baby flat head syndrome is

TUMMY TIME to play and MIMOS baby pillow to sleep

tummy time to avoid flat head syndrome
pillow to avoid flat head syndrome
Flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly) prevention

Effective in reducing and redistributing pressure and excellent in preserving head shape

flat head pressure scale 0 g/cm2     plagiocephaly pressure scale 10 g/cm2     braquicefaly pressure scale 40 g/cm2
Comparison of area of contact on baby head
head support on pillow
head support on mattress
Water ballon on pillow
Water ballon on mattress

Mapping of the surface area of contact between a 5 months old baby's head and the Mimos pillow (left) or a standard mattress (right)

There is 400% more surface area of contact in the case of the Mimos baby pillow compared to a standard mattress. Mimos baby pillow effectively reduces pressure on the baby's head and it is good for prevention of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly).

Mimos pillow also effectively preserves the normal head shape (balloon demonstration). On the orher hand the high pressure on the standard mattress produces flat spot.

Flat Head Syndrome Prevention Campaign

David Verde, coordinator of Infocefalia (the sister website of plagiocephaly pillow in Spanish)and

Dr. Garcia-Tornel, Pediatrics head of San Juan de Dios Hospital in Barcelona

on 6th February 2009.

Interview (in Catalan language) in Barcelona TV


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To successfully prevent flat head syndrome, prenatal education on skull flattening is crucial

Early education about positional plagiocephaly and proactive preventative measures like tummy time, baby pillow and change newborn's head positions are critical in reducing the chances of developing flat head syndrome.

Most of the skull flattening manifest in the first 3 months of life when the skull is most malleable AND when the baby spends majority of the time lying on his back. Baby may also develop positional plagiocephaly in the prenatal period due to positioning in the womb, this phenomena is known as molding.

The flattening of the baby skull due to baby's head positioning is known as positional plagiocephaly or deformational plagiocephaly. This is a widespread problem among the young babies nowadays.

Positional plagiocephaly is preventable and treatable

Supervised tummy time can effectively help to prevent positional plagiocephaly and promotes earlier development of motor milestones.

Mimos baby plagiocephaly pillow is effective in reducing and redistributing pressure and hence prevent flat head.

Preference to look at one direction (positional preference) is the strongest link to flat head syndrome. It is important to prevent young babies from developing preferred head position and encourage them to look at all directions equally.

Baby with positional plagiocephaly has a entirely normal head - it is just the molding that has pushed it out of shape. This means that as soon as the molding ceases, the head can start growing back towards its normal, natural shape.